Sapphire EHR Features


Record withdrawal symptoms using industry-standard assessments.

The monitoring of patients undergoing withdrawal is a unique challenge in correctional facilities. Our Withdrawal Assessment queue records vitals and other information associated with the protocols for withdrawal patients with incorporated time-management alerts. Users can easily monitor and assess all patients on a CIWA/CIWA-Band/or COWS protocol. The documentation, review, and follow-up can be completed from within this queue.

To customize this module to your specifications, your reference sheets can be uploaded for each assessment type to ensure accuracy when completing the assessment. The assessment scores will automatically calculate as they are being entered.  Follow-up options are built-in to the queue, so that after the order expires, the provider can review and make clinical decisions based on that information.

Withdrawal Features:

  • Real time scoring of assessments
  • Visual cues to indicate if assessments are completed within required timeframes
  • Documentation, review and follow up can all be completed in one centralized location