Sapphire EHR Features

Hotlist / Watchlist

Identify and Manage Specific Groups of Patients

Patient Hotlists were created to identify high-risk patients in an easily accessible location.  While your facility can request any custom Hotlists needed to flag their patient groups, other customers have used the hotlists to monitor patients for a variety of reasons including suicide watch, psychiatric evaluation, TB, infirmary admission, and more.

Your facility can monitor these patients using the Hotlist dashboard which provides an overview of the patient’s medical information including recent assessments. It also allows for new assessments to be accessed and completed.

Hotlist Features:
  • Monitor high-risk patients in one location
  • Overview of the patient’s medical information including recent assessments
  • Can create facility specific Hotlist/Watchlists
  • Easily export specific patient lists for monitoring and reporting purposes