Sapphire EHR Features

Labs / Imaging Results

Order, review, and sign off on diagnostic results in one centralized location.

Patient lab results will display within the patient chart and the lab/diagnostic queue for review. In addition, any pending lab results will display on the patient chart. Any abnormal results will be flagged, including flags for panic results. Reference ranges will display and include values for critical results. All lab results coming into Sapphire will go into the labs/diagnostics result sign off queue until they are reviewed and signed off on by a provider.

The provider can add notes/comments to any lab or image reports. The system will track when labs and diagnostic results have been reviewed and signed off, as well as the name of the user. The lab/diagnostic signoff queue will provide the ability for the ordering and/or responsible provider to document review of procedure results.

Similarly, X-rays/Images are submitted through the patient chart via a “Labs/Imaging” option and can be referred to another provider from a dedicated signoff queue. With an established interface, lab and diagnostic results will automatically feed into the patient chart.

Labs/Imaging Results Features
  • Import results from your lab company, enabling report viewing in real time from the patient’s chart
  • Supports Lab and Imaging requisitioning
  • Require signoff to ensure prompt internal review and prevent crucial results from being missed
  • Providers have the option to refer or recommend follow-up for each patient