Sapphire EHR Features

Order Entry

Order and schedule medications, vitals, and treatments.

Cut down on ordering errors with simplified medication, prescriber, and direction drop down menus. A comprehensive direction builder also provides the ability to link diagnoses, vital/lab checks, distribution type and flexible scheduling on any timeframe. Take order accuracy a step further through the Verifications feature for an additional layer of review.

Depending on the direction type chosen, the application can automatically populate common information (e.g.,labels such as “tablets” or “capsules”, and administration route), calculate the total quantity needed for the order, and/or automatically select a delivery option (send from pharmacy, use from stock, etc.)

Sapphire has a full formulary approval process within the application. Once the formulary is added and configured in the system, any orders for non-formulary (NF) medications will be caught in the approval process.

Every medication order undergoes clinical screening via Medi-Span®, which displays any potential allergic reactions, drug interactions, duplicate therapies, and food interactions. Additional screening is in place to display when dosing and/or order frequency is outside the recommended range on the delivery screen.

Order Entry Features:
  • Ability to associate any diagnosis code available within the application (ICD-10, DSM-V, SNOMED-CT, etc.) with any medication order
  • Ability to link vitals (such as a blood pressure check) to any order which requires the user to document vital results before they are able to record the med administration
  • Options to enter medication, vital, treatment, and protocol orders (order templates)
  • Supports taper and titration order instructions