Sapphire EHR Features


A secure internal messaging system within the application.

The internal messaging system within Sapphire can be used to communicate specific patient information without ever having to leave the application - ensuring that PHI remains secure.

Users can streamline workflow by attaching a patient to the message, so that the recipient(s) will have a direct link to the patient chart for review. When a patient is attached, any information contained in the message is located in a designated messaging tab on their chart and becomes a permanent part of the patient's record.

In addition, custom forms may be created to automatically send internal/external messages to individuals upon submission. Once submitted, the recipient would receive the notification via email with a link to the patient chart.

Messaging Features
  • Provide you with a secure messaging service within the application
  • Direct communication to your personnel by name or role (e.g. Nurse, Doctor, etc.)
  • Helps you share care data effectively by attaching files and links to patient charts within messages
  • Send automated messages based on patient responses when you complete forms