Sapphire EHR Features


Offsite patient care management from start to finish.

The Consultations module was created to track and manage off-site specialty clinic visits. This feature is a rare offering in correctional EHRs, allowing our customers to tailor the module to meet their needs while also controlling costs and ensuring that the appropriate off-site care was provided to patients. Users have control over the entire process, from entering the request to addressing and scheduling the appointments.

Users can send requests for more information, recommend a new treatment plan, or approve a request. There’s no need for additional software to manage these appointments. On approval, you can schedule multiple appointments right within the request. This allows you to provide the who, where, when, and how of appointment scheduling and transportation. Once the appointment is over, you can also mark the patient as seen and upload the findings from the consult.

Consultation Features
  • Manage your patient consultation referrals
  • Provide tools to approve or decline requests or recommend alternate therapies
  • Schedule and track completion of appointments
  • Interface with other entities