Sapphire EHR Features

Intake Process

Track assessments and documentation for newly admitted patients.

Sapphire offers a built-in Intake Processing queue that provides your users with a convenient and efficient way to monitor all patients that have been recently booked into your facility, while supporting the standards of various auditing authorities including NCCHC, ACA, BOP, ICE and your own facility policies. While a patient is in this queue, your facility can complete any necessary screenings by completing a custom form and filtering the list accordingly.

The Intake Processing Queue columns will correspond with your facility’s forms and time frames. Users will have color-coded visual cues to determine if corresponding forms have been completed in the appropriate facility-dictated timeframe.

Intake Processing Queue features:
  • Provides a convenient and efficient way to monitor all patients recently or previously booked into your facility to ensure proper evaluations are completed
  • Visual cues to indicate if the appropriate forms are completed within required timeframes
  • Can be customized to accommodate NCCHC, ACA, BOP, ICE and other standards