Sapphire EHR Features


Upload and attach external documentation to patient charts.

Patient documentation comes in all formats. With Sapphire, you can upload any file of any type and size directly to the patient’s chart. Each upload gives you the freedom to add information about the file for at-a-glance identification while adding categories gives you the power to pull whole groups of documents at once, eliminating time-wasting searches. You can protect your users by requesting signoffs to uploads as well. These prove your patient’s documentation has been reviewed. No outside storage is needed; you can track, sign off, view, and download your patient’s documents directly from their chart.

Document Features
  • Gives you the means to upload third party files of any type or size to the patients' charts
  • Categorize your patients' documents for easy retrieval
  • Provides you with document/image downloading and signoff capabilities
  • We provide document templates to quickly upload scanned documents/images common at your facility