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Correctional Health Experience

Since 2010, Sapphire Health has built innovative, easy-to-use electronic health record and electronic medical tracking applications for jails, prisons, and correctional facilities. 

Our products are developed, tested and refined with the direct feedback of corrections healthcare professionals. As a subsidiary of Diamond Pharmacy Services, the nation’s largest correctional pharmacy provider, we have access to nearly four decades of correctional pharmacy management expertise. The depth and breadth of this expertise helps us develop software used by the largest state departments of correction down to the smallest county jails. 

We back the performance of our software with a comprehensive training and transition period, customized implementation, and round-the-clock technical support. And we protect both patients and processes with the most stringent security measures. 

Our fully in-house support staff includes Implementation Specialists, developers, helpdesk personnel, an interface team, a form-building team, and a custom report team. We can proudly say that the original developers who built Sapphire continue to maintain and refine the software.

We’ve done our best to develop the most comprehensive, corrections-driven EHR on the market. Schedule a demo today to get an immersive look at Sapphire’s features and see how we can transform your facility’s health care processes. 

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SapphireHealth will always go beyond your expectations with exemplary customer care, prompt technical support, and a willingness to meet your facility’s unique medical needs. We take great pride in the opportunity to serve you. 
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