Because no two facilities have the same needs.


One of Sapphire's greatest strengths is capacity for customization. It's a major reason why we can serve small county jails, large DoC systems, and correctional medical groups with equal effectiveness.

From the beginning, our Implementation Consultants work closely with your medical staff to assess your clinical workflow and needs. We look for areas of optimization and offer guidance on best practices. From there, we help you identify which implementation solution (Quick Install, Custom Install, or Hybrid Install) is going to work best.

When a more custom approach is required, our Implementation Consultants will work with your assigned staff to digitize your forms and to add the triggers and tasks to match your workflow. With our custom form builder and an in-house team of developers, we can recreate your form library rather quickly. And because Sapphire was developed in a modular format, we also have the ability to implement in phases, if requested. 

Our custom forms, with input from your users, can do any/all of the following: 

  • Generate tasks and appointments 
  • Capture vital result data 
  • Send messages/texts/emails
  • Automatically submit orders 
  • Update demographics 
  • And more! 

If you have any requests for special features not supported by current Sapphire functionality, we collaborate with your team to find a solution. Many of Sapphire's latest modules (such Intake Processing and TB) were developed as a result of customer feedback and suggestions. We have established many interfaces, created many custom forms and reports, and configured settings for all of our current customers and will have no problem doing the same for you.

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