Sapphire EHR Features

Dental Module

Manage Onsite Dental Care

The Dental Module was designed for intuitive clinical documentation and variable scheduling needs. The dental diagram clearly displays conditions, pre-existing treatments, waitlist (i.e., treatment plan) items, and completed treatments. Pending treatment plan items for all patients can be managed in one location, in the Facility Waitlist. This feature facilitates the scheduling of items based on level of care, procedure type, date of creation, date of last service, or housing location. With form pre-population, we can eliminate the need for staff to input redundant information on encounter notes.

The Dental Module is an optional feature. Contact us for pricing and details.

Dental Module Features:


- Color-coded dental diagram displays conditions and status of treatments.

- Quick Menu feature provides fast application of conditions and the most common treatments and procedures.

- Marking a treatment plan item as complete takes two clicks.

- Facility Waitlist allows for flexible scheduling.