Sapphire EHR Features


Manage and record vaccine status, administrations, and inventory.

Immunization begins with inventory. A section of Sapphire is devoted entirely to managing your vaccine stock. Going by lot number, your vaccine’s remaining doses automatically adjust with each administration. Further, we’ve built-in accountability, tracking each dose given by lot so all you have to do is click to see who received a dose and when. Sapphire also includes immunization tools directly in the patient’s chart. You can add new vaccine lots, or document administrations, refusals, and exemptions. Quick forms are also available in Sapphire to speed up vaccine documentation. No more lost time searching for records either. Your patient’s immunization history is printable and stored under a dedicated and filterable tab.

Immunization Features
  • Manage your vaccine inventory
  • Document and track vaccine administrations, refusals, and exemptions