Sapphire EHR Features


Digital charting with automated appointment scheduling, tasking, follow-ups, and much more.

Give your paper forms new life within Sapphire. We create digital versions of your forms to streamline and drive your specific workflow. With input from you and your experts, these forms can be designed to include/exclude certain questions to guide and assist users in providing a plan for patient care. Forms can be designed with actions and triggers to guide users and automate. We work with you to capture and streamline your workflow. We create forms tailored to each customer based on their input and use cases. Based on patient answers, new questions appear on the form, guiding your user’s actions. Once processed, Sapphire automatically adds/assigns tasks resulting from the recorded answers, driving your workflow.

Form Features
  • Discretely capture result data for reporting
  • Record patient and witness signatures as needed
  • Drive your workflow by automatically creating tasks based on patient responses