Welcome to the new Sapphire!
August 1, 2022

Welcome to the new Sapphire!

At Sapphire Health, we’ve spent over a decade developing and refining our electronic health record for use in correctional facilities all over the country. For all the changes and innovations we’ve made to the product over the past dozen years, we didn’t once stop to take a look at, well, how everything looked. As we brought on more clients and introduced more features into the EHR over the years, the less our logo and identity matched up with our ambition and accomplishments. A top to bottom re-brand was in order.


While our name is a shade of blue, we decided to liven up the color palette beyond the blue and white of old to underscore the excitement and promise of innovation we bring to each of our customers. We also updated our logo to something more contemporary and befitting of a software company in 2022.


Our rebranding isn’t strictly cosmetic, however.  The effort also included refreshing the content and structure of our website (including this blog), unveiling a new set of installation options (Sapphire QI, CI, and HI), and putting our complete EHR program front and center in our marketing efforts. The ultimate goal of the rebrand was to better convey what exactly we offer and who we serve.


No matter our look though, Sapphire will continue to deliver correctional health professionals the most comprehensive EHR available, backed by round-the-clock, hands-on training and support from a 100% in-house team. If you have any questions, please reach out to us.


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