"The Sapphire Story" on PodcastRx
January 25, 2023

"The Sapphire Story" on PodcastRx

Sapphire's Sales and Implementation Coordinator Nikki Tuskey and Lead Architect Geff Caruso sat down for the latest episode of Diamond Pharmacy's PodcastRx show to talk about their experiences in building  Sapphire EHR. The conversation is a fun look back at some company history and an up-close look at how Sapphire stands out as a truly corrections-focused EHR.


Some highlights of the discussion:

-How years of fieldwork in correctional facilities were instrumental in building the EHR

-Why Sapphire was designed to be an electronic health record rather than an “electronic file folder”

-The sartorial preference that influenced Sapphire’s name

-How Sapphire facilitates compliance with NCCHC and ACA standards of care

-Which feature of Sapphire was the most complex to build

-Taking customer support calls at 2:30 AM

-The feature(s) of Sapphire Geff and Nikki think are most impactful for a correctional facility

-The time Sapphire helped a client pass an audit (while the auditor looked over the client’s shoulder)

-And so much more.


Listen to PodcastRx right here on Soundcloud or find the show on Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music, Google Podcasts, Overcast, Spotify, and Stitcher.

And if you're traveling to Orlando for the ACA Winter Conference January 29 to 31, be sure to visit Nikki and Geff at booth 1230 in the exhibit hall.

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